Quality Systems at Tool and Plastic

Quality Management

The Tool and Plastic Quality System is certified by NSAI to ISO9001 and ISO 13485. The company is also UL approved and a member of Repak.

Tool and Plastic operates a transparent quality system which invites customer participation.

This interaction ensures a disciplined and collaborative working relationship.

Our Standard operating procedures guide’s personnel on best and most practical ways to assure customer satisfaction and economical costs of quality.

The Tool and Plastic process control program identifies and assures optimal product and process quality is achieved.


Quality Policy

“It is the Policy of Tool and Plastic Ltd to provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations by complying with all requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and by establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives and pursuing Improvement initiatives.”


Quality Commitment

Tool & Plastic take full responsibility for the customer project from the concept / design stage through to full product offering. Projects are managed using MS Project with weekly updates provided to our customers.

We offer a Project Introduction program that delivers a comprehensive PPAP/ validation package to our customers including, Part submission warrant, Design of Experiments, Process and product capability studies, Control plans, FMEA’s and Gauge R&R’s.

The Quality system and change control is controlled using QPulse software. QPulse provides a suite of integrated modules to manage business functions effectively and efficiently.

The company operates a continuous improvement culture with Six Sigma quality tools utilised in problem solving, process qualifications and process optimisations.


Process Qualification

As part of our NPI process, we conduct Process Qualification studies to demonstrate that the process operates as designed, provides uniform results in products that perform as intended, and is robust under continued use in the production environment.

We qualify new products using either Process Validation or a PPAP Qualification process.

These process qualifications are supported by risk management studies.

Ppap’s & Process Validation includes, IQ, OQ & PQ runs, CPK analysis of CTQ dimensions, and, an ISIR study

Risk Management includes the preparation of Process flow chart, Cause and effect analysis, FMEA and Control plan’s

Our Quality Laboratory is equipped with all metrology equipment to meet our Customer requirements, including, Hexagon CMM, Starlight vision system, Optical comparator, Tensile tester, Torque tester, Digital test indicators, Micrometers and Vernier callipers and various sets of Precision pin.

Our variable metrology data is maintained on a Mitutoyo SPC system that is also available to our Customers.


Tool and Plastic maintain traceability on each batch of product manufactured at our factories. The traceability records are maintained in Device History Records for every batch produced, which are retained on file for 5 years.



Product is labelled with relevant batch information in machine readable (example: barcode) and human readable formats.